About Me

Marjon Siero Product at work
Who am I?
My name is Marjon Siero, I am a Product Designer based in Amsterdam with a background in Web Design and UX/UI. I have graduated both Tourism & Hospitality and Graphic Design & Advertising. After working as a Web Designer for 2.5 years, I wanted to learn how to code so I could build products from start to finish. In 2016 I joined Ironhack as a Web Development student and successfully finished the 9-weeks intensive bootcamp. I realised my passion for design was too strong and I went on as a UX/UI designer, solving problems with design in cross-functional teams. For the past 2 years I have been teaching the UX/UI Design bootcamp at Ironhack Amsterdam. See my full resume here.

What do I do?
I combine my passion for UX and UI design and my interest for front-end development to create products that fulfill both user and business needs. And to make highly desirable products, I solve problems using Design Thinking through research, user flows, sitemaps, wireframing, storytelling, prototyping and visual design. Because of my coding knowledge, I understand limitations and possibilities of the web which helps me be a great team player in cross-functional teams (design & development). I have a particular interest in Design Systems and how designers can optimize their workflow to work smarter and more efficient. Lately, I've been diving in and learning more about accessibility in design.
What am I most passionate about?
I love crafting pixel perfect systems that help create products more efficiently and above all, help create a consistent, accessible and seamless user experience. I am an advocate of developers and designers working (more) closely together to execute bigger, better, faster and more.

Diversity is something I care about and I believe the greatest teams teach and learn from one another, independent of their background. I have a passion for mentoring junior designers (or anyone interested in design) to help them grow, meet their professional goals and level up their careers. Being able to have a beginners-mind and having a bunch of patience, mentorships are great as they teach me as well as the mentee.

What do I do other than design?
The great outdoors is where I love to spend my free time. Whether that is traveling around the world to hike mountains or discover oceans, or hopping on my paddle board in het Amsterdamse Bos, I love being in nature. I care a great deal about animals equality and the planet.

You will find me at live music concerts a lot. Paradiso, Melkweg or a venue anywhere else in Europe, I love seeing all kinds of artists, anywhere! At home I enjoy playing vinyl records in my own little urban jungle, while checking out the latest design news and trends.

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