Coffee culture

The Dutch love their coffee, so it might not come as a surprise that I’m a serious coffee drinker myself. Research is a bit contradicting but the Netherlands sure is in the top 5 of coffee drinking countries in the world with an average of 875 cups of coffee per capita, annually. This comes down to 2,4 cups of coffee grounds and water a day!With these numbers you can imagine all the places you can grab a coffee in any given Dutch city center. And just in Amsterdam, it’s population of 850.000+ and the nearly 6 million visitors it gets annually, it can be quite a hassle to find real and good coffee. No, we’re not as particular about our coffee like, let’s say, the Italians, but we do appreciate a good, strong ‘bakkie pleur’.So to make the lives of locals and tourists a bit easier and more caffeinated, I wanted to create an app that let’s users find the quality coffee they’re craving.

Dotgrid, Sketch (+ Squid), Photoshop
UX/UI Design, App Design

The process


After researching similar apps and writing down my own ideas for this concept, I started wireframing and mapping out the screens. When I was satisfied with the user flow I translated my sketches to digital wireframes in Sketch.


To set the visual tone of the app I developed the ‘brand’ before starting with the design of the screens. For the concept of the logo my aim was to combine ‘coffee’ and ‘location’ in one simple logo mark. The typography needed to be clean, modern and matching the latest versions of iOS to assure a familiar and easy experience.

User Interface

The UI itself for this app is clean and minimal. It is very light-weight so the images of the locations stand out. Big, bold typography together with card designs make it easy to navigate through the app. Iconography is used to quickly let the user scan all available options at the locations. A map view for all the search result make it super easy to find your next shot of caffeine!


The Coffee culture app lets your explore, search and add good coffee places in the app. Once you added a location, it is available to see for everyone in the different sections of the app. You can add photos to the vendors page, add ratings and reviews and find the vendors details and get directions to get your cup 'o coffee. Add your favorite spots to your saved list or share it with your friends!